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Cognito Inc. is a secret company which controls the United States Government and is responsible for creating, maintaining and covering up all its conspiracies and secrets away from the public eye. It operates on behalf of the Deep State.

The company's cover slogan is "We are a company" and its true slogan is "We've got you covered, up!".

Cognito Inc. is partially yet substantially funded by the Reptoid civilization.

And then there's the War Room where cognito main 5 handle business and see the world through camera also there a secret room behind its projecter screen and weapons in the wall where can be unlocked by the rubrics cube pyramid

Cognito Inc. headquarters.

The Cognito Inc. headquarters in Washington, as seen at the start of the series.




  • Assassination Department: Overseen by Grassy Noel Atkinson.
  • Ridley Labs: Reagan Ridley's main base of operations, where she creates robots and other machinery.
  • Weather Department: Dictates the world's weather via the Rain Maker 47Q5. Overseen by Gerald from the Accounting Department, who is shown to be poor at his job.
  • Inhuman Resources: Overseen by Elliot Mothman, a councillor who teaches employees how to improve their social skills in the workplace with other employees of all species.
  • Cognito, Inc. Productions: The company's production unit. They put "rotting foxes that are dead" in kids' cartoons and have kids see it.
  • Financial Department: Dictates the Dow Jones by the means of blood sacrifices. The robed employees of this department have been shown to use goats and place them over an arrangement of candles over a Satanic pentagram.
  • Clone Laboratory: An incubator of cloned public figures from across modern history. Overseen by the scientists Kate and Dupli-Kate. Known subjects include (but are not limited to) Avril Lavigne, 2Pac, Adolf Hitler, Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy, and others. Dupli-Kate also possesses the copied DNA of the main characters just in case they die and need to be cloned.
  • Public Relations and Media Manipulation Department: Responsible for the production of subliminal media and divisive propaganda. Overseen by Gigi Thompson.
  • Biochemistry Department: Overseen by Dr. Andre Lee.
  • Cognito Mall: A shopping mall where employees can take a break and purchase goods and services.
  • Human-Animal Hybrid Department: The division responsible for creating Glenn Dolphman.
  • Deep Station: A play on the phrase "Deep state"; a transportation network across multiple states in the US. In the case of international travels, it takes you to Denver Airport.
  • Finland Fabrication
  • Kaiju Research
  • A research place where they study strange monsters or giant unusual things.
  • Backwards Messages Department: A now-defunct department which was cut from the company's budget, to save money as a result of the fiasco in "Clone Gunman".
  • Gene therapy: basically a lab in Cognito Inc that has animals with human body parts which you can use for gene therapy.


Current employees[]



  • The company's name is a play on the word "Incognito". A visual play on the word can be seen on episode 1, as new employees are being briefed.
  • There some posters around the office that are references to part 2 like in episode 1 when the reptoid sector scene is on pause and look
  • behind there are some easter eggs like "bohemian groove " a dance class, "anonymous anonymous "